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A stamping community for 20th century music legends.

About Us

Welcome to Music Legend Rate, a community where you can find out which (20th century pop-culture related) musical legend you remind the most, be it personality or looks-wise!

It's very simple, just vote on a few applications, fill out the application from yourself, and find out who you're most like! Don't worry if you're not an expert, this community is made for everyone to have fun in and find out more about music. We even have a changing theme every month, so be sure to stick around to get your lovely stamps!

For those not familiar with stamping/rating communities, this is how it works. Members fill out the application, and get voted on by other members of the community (in this case, as which of the major music legends they are most like), and after a length of time or majority of votes they receive a stamp as that person. Simple, right?

(Check out unstamped applications Here.)
The Rules


♥ Voting is essential; it's what keeps stamping communities alive, so be kind and vote on other members! And please don't sheep, it's just annoying and unnecessary XDDD

♥ For now, people with regular applications can be stamped at the same time as their mirror application. This simply means you write 'Regular and Mirror Application' in your title of your application, and adding some tasteful and clean pictures at the end of your post, as well as three votes :3333333

♥ Absolutely no drama is allowed. Behave yourself and play nice!

♥ You need to apply for the regular personality stamp first before you can apply for themes.

♥ If you don't like your stamp, feel free to re-apply, but please wait one week before doing so.

♥ Please be honest when filling out the applications - don't try to get a specific result. That's the only way to guarantee you'll get a truthful stamp.

♥ When voting please bold your votes. Your vote definitely will not count if you don't. If you are unsure on how to bold your vote, simply copy and paste '< b > TEXT HERE </ b >' into the comment box of the application, take out the spaces, and write your vote in. It's that simple :3

♥ Check for open themes :3

♥ To help voters and mods, tag your application with !unstamped NOT !needsvotes. Failure to tag your entry will result in a temporary suspension of your application until the problem is ratified.


♦ Since this is music legends stamping, please keep that in mind when voting. 1990's is a good border if you're not quite sure who's a "legend" and who's not.

♦ For the regular stamps there are no limits - feel free to vote any legend you want. We're pretty flexible with the term legend, but please bear in mind one-hit-wonders like Vanilla Ice or Milli Vanilli aren't exactly legends.

♦ If you're running out of ideas, look at the interests of this community or simply google music legends.

♦ If you have a good idea for a stamp for someone but aren't sure other members will know them, you can always provide a link to a song or a picture.

♦ You'll receive a stamp when either you've received at least 4 similar votes or your application has been open for three or more days.
The Application


- Remember, you MUST have a regular application stamp to apply for a theme.

Open Themes:

Role Theme
Wives/Girlfriends Theme
Genre Mirror
Genre Personality
Legendary Movie Musicals
Punk Rock Bands
Femme Fetale
Fifties Rockers
Epic Albums
Band Theme
Prominant Sixties Female Figures Mirror Theme

Lovechild mirror, love song, and classic rock song themes are permanently closed for the moment.
Stamps and Stamping Options


Find stamping options Here


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