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25 April 2011 @ 10:26 pm

Name: Mary Bridget
Age: 26
Gender: a woman through and through
First time or re-stamp? re-stamp (I was stamped as Michael Jackson, which might suit me, but I thought that enough time had passed to warrant a re-stamp.)
Want to be stamped as male/female/don't care? I don’t care.

. . . . . . . . .

Describe good qualities or strengths in your personality: I have a big heart that has somehow remained pure through thick and thin. In general I am very intuitive. When I get angry it’s usually a productive anger, fueling good deeds and a strong desire to cause change. I’m a good friend and loyal to the finish. I’m a creative soul and strive to express myself artistically, no matter what the medium. I’ve been told by friends and family that I’ve got a nurturing personality. I’ve got a good appreciation for beautiful things.
How about bad traits or weaknesses? I’m thin-skinned. If someone hurts me with words or actions I am really affected by it. I don’t think highly of myself. In fact, my opinion of my self is pretty low. I am indecisive. I would rather that other people (trusted people) make decisions for me. I’m quiet, which may or may not be a fault depending on who you ask. When I withdraw from others I tend to go to an extreme.
What are your musical talents? When I was younger I used to compete vocally. I can play the French horn pretty well even now.
And what other talents do you have? Are you an amateur-photographer, astrophysicist, or a brilliant cook? Go on, brag as much as you like! Ballet is a big one for me. When I was younger I was a part of a local company and I used to compete nationally, though when I competed I danced lyrical ballet, not classical. I am told that I’m a good writer. From essays to poetry, people tell me that I have a knack for the written word. I do alright with art - anything from sketches to works done in photoshop programs. I am a good giver of gifts for birthdays or Christmas. People seem to call on me when they’re sick or recovering from something because I make good soup and I’m pretty good with the nurturing.
What are you afraid of? Mostly I’m afraid of losing control. That’s a very vague statement that covers various more specific fears. I’m afraid of mental illness because I’ve seen what it can do to a person, more importantly what it can do to their soul. Though I’m not even sure if it’s real, I get shaken up by stories of demonic possession. I worry about when I’m older and if I’ll lose my grip on what is real.
And what makes you happy? Lots of things make me happy, though they tend to be few and far between or at least only cause fleeting happiness. I don’t dance competitively anymore, but when I used to get up on a stage I would feel so incredibly free. I never understood that because a lot of a good performance is discipline and that doesn’t always equate with freedom, but now I’m rambling. Finding a person I can get along with harmoniously brings me happiness. Clean sheets make me happy.

. . . . . . . . .

Think of a book or a movie you identify with or that you feel describes you somehow. Feel free to go into detail: There’s a German-language movie I relate to a bit called Der Krieger und Die Kaiserin It’s a kind of a thriller mixed with romance. The romantic bits don’t really apply to me, but I’ve always identified with the main female lead. Her name is Sissi and she’s spent her entire life in an in-patient mental hospital. Her mother, a nurse, conceived her after an affair with a patient and never felt a need to raise Sissi anywhere else but her apartment that connects to the hospital. She grows up into a soft spoken woman who is used to putting her needs last. She secretly yearns for life beyond the hospital, treasuring a conch shell that she listens to at night while imagining a life by the sea. In the hospital environment she is ‘die kaiserin’ or in English ‘the empress’. Even though her life is one of servitude, she is the center of this place. The patients love her and the other staff members recognize that she has a unique, pure spirit. I’d like an ending like hers, but I still feel that, at this point, I’m still stuck in the hospital. Also, I relate to the character Jane Gallagher in The Catcher in the Rye or even that of Esther Greenwood in The Bell Jar. My life is a tumultuous one.
What color or colors would you use to describe your personality to others? For the most part I am pink, the kind of pink you find on tattered leather ballet slippers. Feminine and quiet, for the most part. However, I also have red moments. Fiery, orange based red showing intensity and passion. I’m sure there are bits of white in there, maybe earthy taupes, but mostly that soft pink and bright red.
About your social life: do you have many friends or just a few very close ones? Do you like parties, or prefer a quiet evening at home? Fall in love quickly or hardly ever at all? Tell us what you like: My social life is a little bit of everything. I am only close to a select few people, but often find myself socializing in big groups. This is mostly because my few close friends are very social creatures. Parties are nice, especially when they’re centered around concerts as I have a few local musicians as friends. The occasional evening at home is appreciated. Sometimes I feel like taking a bath or immersing myself in a book and those are usually the nights I choose to stay home alone. I don’t fall in love with just anyone. I do crush on some particularly attractive people, but it’s not intense and I don’t feel it in my heart. When I do fall in love, I recognize what a gem the man really is. It’s close to worship, but not as trite as the word suggests. I do have a tendency to live in the past a bit. I’m not one of those who look up their exes on Google and stalk them over the internet, but I do like to remember the good times I’ve had with past boyfriends.
Do you crave recognition and fame, or do you prefer to work behind the scenes? I could work behind the scenes because, to me, the whole idea of expressing oneself is about fulfilling oneself and not getting on a stage to beg for attention. Recognition is nice, though, isn’t it? It certainly helps your self-esteem.
What causes, if any, are important to you (animal rights, fighting poverty etc)? The state of the world is most definitely important to me. I grew up with a dad who worked for AFSCME who taught me the importance of workers’ rights. As a kid it was no strange thing to find me helping out on picket lines. I am also concerned about animal rights. I support the ASPCA and Sea Shepherd.

. . . . . . . . .

What kind of music do you usually listen to? I have extremely eclectic taste in music. If I want to sit and immerse myself in a song, lyrics are important to me, but there are times when I turn on a song just because I like the sound of it. Bruce Springsteen is a big one because of his talent for storytelling. I also have a special place in my heart for the lyrics and sound of Patti Smith. I’m fond of cellos, even when played with a distortion pedal as in the music of Rasputina. Folk music is wonderful. Other favorite artists and groups include Portishead, Poe, Hooverphonic, U2, Tori Amos, Pale 3, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan. I’m sure that others will come to me later on.
What qualities do you admire in other people? I think it’s admirable when people use fame or notoriety to make changes in the world. Kindness is always appreciated. You will earn my respect if you are true to yourself in any sense - career choices, wardrobe, relationships. I admire people who are brave enough to project an authentic picture of themselves even if it isn’t as glossy or perfect as what the public wishes to see.
Filling out applications can make one hungry. What's your favorite kind of food? I like all sorts of food! I like different kinds of pizzas, especially when mushrooms are involved. There’s a place in Cleveland called Stir Crazy where you have the option of creating your own stir fry dish. That’s probably my favorite restaurant. I like Italian food. Bananas foster is wonderful, too.
And what about the drinks? As far as drinks go, I usually opt for amaretto, but I can get adventurous at dinnertime. If a place has a signature drink, I usually try that. I’m very girly with a fondness for fruity or sweet drinks. When I’m not drinking alcohol, I’m an iced tea or hot tea person. In fact, I am mostly a hot or iced tea person. I don’t want to give the impression that I’m an alcoholic.
If you could travel anywhere in the world and you had to leave tomorrow morning, where would you go? New York, probably. I’ve only been there twice, but it’s such a hub of culture that I could never resist a NYC vacation. The museums, the plays, the concerts in such a variety of venues! Also, Magnolia bakeries! I’d take my mother with me. She needs a vacation.

. . . . . . . . .

So you're a huge superstar now. Would you prefer to be in a band or do you fly solo? I couldn’t handle superstardom all by my lonesome. I would be a part of a band of talented and creative musicians.
Give us a piece of lyrics from any song that you would accept in your repertory:
“Sometimes I’m terrified of my heart,
How its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants
The way it stops...
...and starts.” - Poe, Terrified Heart
As every huge star, you also have the essentials that you MUST have in your dressing room, backstage. What are they: I don’t think I would ever develop diva-like demands. I’d probably have a change of clothes just in case something happened to the ones I was wearing. Snacks are imperative. If between acts you get hungry you’re going to wish you had some snacks on hand. Maybe a laptop computer or small TV to be updated on the world beyond your dressing room... Just small things like that. No giant bowls of only green M&M’s or anything bordering on ridiculous.
Do you like flamboyant performing costumes and big shows, or is music the main thing? I do enjoy acts who go for the dramatic. The costumes, the flame throwers and elaborate props... They work for some people, but I don’t think I could pull that kind of thing off. I’m just not like that. If I were a musician it would be all about the music and the connection with the audience.

. . . . . . . . .


Are you more...

AGGRESSIVE or CALM: Calm unless provoked
LEADER or FOLLOWER: I could be either. I’m stuck in the middle with this one.
THE LADIES MAN/FEMME FATALE or THE BOY/GIRL NEXT DOOR: The girl next door suits me best. Unless, of course, I get swept up in a mood. Then I could be either.
THE PRANKSTER or THE SERIOUS ONE: I’m probably more serious than a prankster.

. . . . . . . . .

Last, please provide a link to three most recent applications you've voted on:

the secret side of me, i'll never let you see: re-load tank girllesbido on April 26th, 2011 03:07 am (UTC)
Sarah McLachlan, I think, girl next door, cares about animals and workers' rights, very talented and eclectic but prone to self-doubt

Vote on me?
Noordarklight90 on August 22nd, 2011 09:36 am (UTC)
Sarah McLachlan. i see it in the following line you used to describe yourself: I’m a creative soul and strive to express myself artistically, no matter what the medium. I’ve been told by friends and family that I’ve got a nurturing personality. I’ve got a good appreciation for beautiful things.. The sensitivity and love of grace suit her style of music.